Felicity Stripped Bare by Vanessa Jaye

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romantic Comedy

ISBN: 1-60504-062-2

Reviewed by Ley



Felicity is making changes in her life.  Positive changes beginning with dumping her "on again, off again" boyfriend for good and making steps to better herself intellectually.  Felicity has always felt inferior, especially when it came to school.  Suffering from dyslexia, school never came easy for her and having the other students tease her and call her stupid didnít help in the confidence department either.  Meeting Daniel is a distraction Felicity didn't need.  And no matter how much she wants him she couldn't understand why he could possibly want her.

Daniel is also making changes in his life.  He wanted to make his dad proud but he also wanted his own life and being a lawyer was what he didn't want.  Meeting Felicity is a complication on several levels he didn't need but there is something about Felicity he can't resist.

Felicity Stripped Bare is a very fun read!  Felicity is something else and I just loved her, she is so genuine and real.   Although she tries to come off as strong and on many levels she is, her vulnerability is hard to hide.  Slowly Felicity begins to see her own personal self worth and knows that she deserves better out of life, and I was rooting for her to achieve all that she wanted.  Daniel and Felicity are hot, fun, trying at times and are a great source of amusement through out the story.  There are a few formulaic moments that are typical to romance novels between Daniel and Felicity that added to the entertainment of the overall story.  Vanessa Jaye did a great job with Felicity Stripped Bare.  This is the first story of hers I've read, but it will most definitely not be my last.  Reader's looking for a fun, sweet love story that will have them laughing and smiling and rooting for a very deserving couple then Felicity Stripped Bare is a must read.


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