Fantasies Unleashed by Skylar Sinclair

Lust Bites



ISBN: 978-1-906590-11-6

Reviewed by Raine



Stories circulating around the lunchroom at work help Bella decide she is going to hit the local bar, The Hammer and Nail, in an attempt to live out a dream. She craves a night where her inner sensuous woman can break free and have a “scorching and adventurous night” with an uber hot guy. Once seated at the bar, Bella meets a man who can fulfill the night with just that, knee and mind melting sex. And who knows….possibly something more.

From the drama of meeting an old lover to rekindling it to even high peaks, Fantasies Unleashed is a fast paced, super hot story. You cannot help but feel sorry for Jarrod, the past lover. Enter Bella, you hope for nothing less than this couple figuring out and getting beyond past issues in their relationship. I believe Fantasies Unleashed is a love story any romantic will love, I did.


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