Fallen Angels by Marty Rayne

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-708-5

Reviewed by Ley



Working undercover, Special Agent Adam Hardy infiltrated the Fallen Angel's in order to get evidence against crime boss Lucifer.   For six months he worked closely with Mammon, the leader of the Fallen Angels whose real name is Mark.  Adam kept his sexuality to himself but being around Mammon, Adam was in danger of having more than one cover blown.

Mark wanted Adam the moment he became a member of his gang.  When his boss Lucifer decided he wanted to meet Adam, Mark knew Lucifer would want him for his personal plaything, but Mark wanted his own taste before that happened. 

Mark and Adam give into their sexual attraction to each other, but one time was not going to be enough.  Secrets, deception, and danger shadow their every step and revealing their true identity to one another have them fighting for their love and their lives.

Fantastic story!  The action, suspense and the romance was awesome and there were so many terrific characters in this book that I can imagine some great sequels coming out this.  I like how everything flowed in the book and I would like very much to see an action movie with this plot on the big screen.   Fallen Angels is such a good read and I adored the characters including a bratty but mature teenager.  Lovers of action and suspense and fans of Marty Rayne's will not be disappointed with Fallen Angels.


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