Eye of the Dragon by BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370- 412-0, 1-60370-412-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Poe is enjoying some well deserved lazy vacation days on the beaches of Mexico when he spots a young stud that he wouldn’t mind getting to know better.  But as Poe spends more time with Cam, he finds that this gorgeous man also has a powerful brain that is currently bent to finding a mysterious Chinese gem that has been lost for centuries.  So, Poe being the adventurer that he is immediately invites himself along to Cam’s trip into the wilds of Utah.

The more time these two spend together the closer they become, but the closer they come to Cam’s goal the spookier everything seems.  Suddenly Cam is hearing voices in the wind that encourage him to do vile things that he would never contemplate in his right mind, he is having incomprehensible nightmares and he is “hearing” the gem speak to him until it’s all Cam can do to keep it together with Poe’s help.

But as their trek becomes more dangerous allies emerge from unknown corners and old friends come to band together against this unfathomable evil the gem represents.  But even with all this help will Cam and Poe survive?

Eye of the Dragon is a strangely compelling tale due to its strong elements of suspense, ancient evil forces, and of course the hot, hot sex between the characters!  BA Tortuga manages to intertwine several seemingly unconnected couples and brings them together to an explosive climax and resolution of the plot.  I sincerely enjoyed the build up and revelations surrounding the gem Cam pursues and all the “effects” it has on several of the characters – in some cases the most unexpected ones.  However, dare I say it?…at times there was almost too much sex going on and not much plot, which made for some hot moments but slow movement in the story line.  Regardless, Eye of the Dragon is a great read for a day when plenty of heat and an intriguing plot are what you are looking for!


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