Exotic Pets by Syd McGinley

Lost and Found, Book 2

Torquere Press

Contemporary BDSM m/m

ISBN: 978-1-60370-418-2

Reviewed by Beth Anne



The further adventures of Dr. John Fell continue with a summer retreat for both Doms and their subs at Dr. Fell’s cabin.  Activities planned:  barbecues, games, workshops, trainings, porch side blowjobs, and commitment ceremonies.  Oh to be a submissive boy!  In the middle of all the revelry, a foundation is formed with Dr. Fell as the director.  At first impression, Dr. Fell doesn’t want the director nomination, but he accepts the job and responsibilities.  I have never gotten the impression Dr. Fell doesn’t do anything that he really doesn’t want to do, so however much he grumbles, he takes on the challenge and almost immediately is presented with a sub needing rescue from a less than desirable situation.

In Exotic Pets, we are introduced to a new Dom named Nick who immediately gets on Dr. Fell’s nerves.  I enjoyed their confrontation and Nick’s insights.  We also meet Tommy, the stripper with an exotic handkerchief dance routine (lovely visuals).  And as always, the antics of Twink crack me up and his adoration of Dr. Fell in his tool belt, boots, and whiskers just gets him into more trouble.  Through Twink, a little more of Dr. Fell’s personal background is leaked out to the others, and we come to understand more of Dr. Fell and his complex and interesting personality.  Exotic Pets is a delightful twist to the traditional definition of “retreat”.


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