Every Midnight by Maggie Jagger

New Concepts Publishing

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60394-151-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lizzie Tempest has been told that she must marry the heir to Felmont or she will be placed in an insane asylum. Lizzie doesn't want this legacy for herself but has no choice. The viscount in question must wed her for her money but Lizzie refuses to go down without a fight. The only thing she can think of to buy her some time is negotiation. Lizzie negotiates the terms of her marriage to the Felmont beast, also known as Quentin Seraphim Dacey Felmont. 

I loved the plot and premise of Every Midnight – a woman needs to marry and a penniless viscount needs her money. A match made in arranged marriage heaven, right? I wish I could say it was so. I found the character of Lizzie to be so unfeminine and so hormonal, so bitchy, that I just wanted the viscount to tell her to kiss his butt. If Lizzie had been written any other way, or characterized just a bit differently I think the entire theme of the whole book would have improved. I wish I could recommend Every Midnight, but I can’t. Lizzie’s character and mannerisms and constant name-calling made me want to throw something.  Every Midnight was just not the book for me at this time.


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