Erotikos by Shannon Leigh

Amber Heat

Erotic dark fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60272-217-0

Reviewed by Willow



It’s just a girl’s night in…a night of margaritas, a board game and a chick flick…just the girls. Quiet Renee has been best friends with hyper Candi and Over the top Mina for almost ten years. It’s amazing how well the three personalities blend. Amid the drinking and tales of Mina’s latest stud-in-training, the three friends explore the game Mina brought for them to play. Erotikos—an erotic game for women where fantasy becomes reality.

The game is very unusual and oh so intriguing. Each side of the game board is themed; illustrated with the setting for each adventure and includes pewter playing pieces that almost look real. Each player acts out her adventure according to dice, game cards and the placement of the game piece on the board.  So each of the women chooses her playing piece—Candi, the selkie; Mina, the vampire; Renee, the Indian and they all agree to the terms of the game. That’s when the orb in the middle of the game board comes to life.

Erotikos makes playing board games way beyond interesting. Why can’t I find a game like that? Hmm? I like Ms. Leigh’s writing style and I am glad to know I can visit her world anytime I want to. This book is three stories inside a story and has something for everyone. Plus, who says you can’t make up your own fantasies using the other game characters and settings? Fantasies come to life? Oh, yeah.


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