Eria's Ménage by Alice Gaines

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-967-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Her Excellency, Queen Eria, sovereign leader of the planet Heriad has reached the time to conceive the next queen of Heriad.  To accomplish this goal successfully Eria has to pick two suitors to mate with from other planets.

Double sets of suitors from various planets throughout the galaxy intend to win the honor of fathering Queen Eria's heir.  Two such men are Tad of Cyra and Brath of Noor from brother planets, with the appearance of twins.

Eria is drawn to Tad the brain and Brath the brawn as soon as she spies the pair in the suitor stuffed audience room.  Above all else, Eria must not allow any tender feelings to arise once she picks her men.  Whomever she picks, the men must leave Heriad permanently once Eria is pregnant.  That is the custom and the law.  Falling in love is not an option.

Sizzling sex and tasty testosterone make their mark in Eria's Ménage, written by talented author Alice Gaines.  Lead character Eria doesn't comes across as a strong ruler but Tad and Brath practically ooze raw male lust right off the page.  Entertaining and hot, Eria's Ménage hits the spot, the g-spot that is!


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