Endangered by Gabrina Garza

The Shadow Cats, Book 1

Amber Allure

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-273-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Deep in the jungles of Peru, Tony Colgan and his sister Katrina head up a foundation funded by millionaire Christian Snavley to study the elusive Shadow Cat, a very rare smaller cousin of the big cats.

Many years ago, Stryker Crogash was bitten by a Shadow Cat and forever changed.  Hellish years of being studied and experimented on have left Stryker bitter, looking for some kind of peace and an ounce of happiness in his lonely life.  Now he's being coerced into coming to the last place on Earth he wants to be.

Tony and Kat are continuing the research begun years ago by their parents.  Their boss, Snavley has arrived in the jungle with something besides research on his agenda, something quite different with Stryker an unwilling ally or so it seems.

A unique plotline and a seldom used setting puts Endangered in a category all it's own.  The cast is filled with snarling alpha characters snapping and biting to be the top cat.  Patience is required though as the story set up is a bit slow and it takes awhile before the excitement and action truly comes into play.  Endangered does allow love to blossom between two souls in a very erotic and emotional way that is satisfying.  A cliffhanger ending taunts readers looking forward to what happens next.


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