Dropzone by Fiona Jayde

Spaceport Series

Changeling Press

Sci-Fi Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-59596-621-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kamura Kam Shard enjoys her life as a supply runner.  She has all the solitude she wants and the freedom she needs.  When shes in the mood for some companionship, she stops at a port to find a willing partner like the dangerous sex god she spots at a local dive.   Kam decides that the blue-eyed hunk would be just what she needs to take the edge off before her meeting with her next client, Roen Decks.

Few people know that part of the reason Roen Decks was once a successful smuggler was due to his enhanced senses.  From the first moment he sees Kam, his libido goes into hyperspace, and once he smells how much she wants him, theres no turning back.  Its just his bad luck when she turns out to be his supply runner.    Shes also the prime suspect when his equipment is damaged, placing his mining operation and workers in jeopardy.   

To cover the costs, Kam makes a deal with Roen to work on the asteroid where hes mining uralium, a type of valuable red ore found on asteroids.  Kam finds out that mining is no picnic in low gravity.  In the meantime, she and Roen struggle to fight their mutual attraction.  But its way too late for that.

Dropzone is a spacey vignette carrying heavy weight characters.  Kam and Roen are dynamic, equally sexy, and wonderfully self-sufficient, whether theyre at work or play.  It was interesting learning about their world through their eyes. 

Fiona Jayde is gifted at writing sci-fi futuristic stories loaded with tight and clean technical detailing that enhances the story and setting without overloading the brain.  Ive wanted to read the Spaceport series for some time now, and Im very glad that I started with this author.


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