Dreamweaver by Sapphire Blue

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419916199

Reviewed by Lisa



Reporter Tori Tinsdale, has her career back on track after a story she wrote almost cost her everything a few years ago.  An interview with Sidney Dumas about his cloning study, including his latest work should put Tori back on the proverbial map once more.

Searching for a very special woman leads Jet Landon straight to Tori and certain danger.  Jet explains that recently murdered young women are called Perfect Ones with people known as Centuries trying to protect them and the Cauldrons being the killers, both created by Dumas.

Tori thinks the answers lie with Sidney Dumas and she is determined to tell the world about his "people."  Meanwhile Jet is doing everything he can to keep Tori alive long enough for her to get the answers she seeks even if it means destroying the feelings growing between them.

Nature verses science is the question in Dreamweaver by author Sapphire Blue.  A love story set among the humans and others with all the inherent problems times ten.  Tori and Jet are an explosive combination both emotionally and sexually.  I wish though that there was more of an explanation concerning the Centuries and the Cauldrons because it definitely takes away from the story.  The lovers are great but some parts are too abrupt when trying to understand the diverse groups and it takes away from the overall enjoyment of Dreamweaver.


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