Dragon's Deal by Willa Okati


Changeling Press

Gay Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59596-803-6

Reviewed by Cassie



After years of war, soldier Alan is tired.  All he wants is a place far from the city, where he can rebuild his life in peace.  He finds more than he bargained for by the ocean, in the form of a very strange man named Sian who just might be more than he seems…

Dragon's Deal is another hot, fun installment of Willa Okati's Dragons series.  It's completely stand-alone, but be warned, reading Dragon's Deal will probably make you want to read the other books in the series!

It was easy to sympathize with Alan's weariness with war and desire to find a place to live that wouldn't be violent or destroyed by the fighting.  Ms. Okati did a good job of portraying both the beauty and the isolation of the ocean, where Alan decides to settle.  Curious, outcast dragon Sian soon arrives.  Fascinated by the human, he wants to get closer.  Watching Sian pretend to be human was really amusing.  The connection between the two men was sudden and hot.  If you're looking for a quick and fun paranormal read, Dragon's Deal is a great choice.


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