Dragonís Dare by Willa Okati

Changeling Press

M/M Fantasy


Reviewed by Willow



Noah, a lieutenant with the freedom fighters, is dragged through the garbage filled streets. Heís been sold out by Dob who somehow thinks that Noah is a worthy virgin sacrifice to the dragons. Dob doesnít want to hurt anyone, he just wants the dragons on their side. But heís willing to make a sacrifice to ensure it happens and pushes Noah through the gate into the dragonsí world. Noah lands on a dragon.

This dragon is not as big as Noah had expected dragons to be; heís only the size of a luxury sedan, kind of small really. Noah isnít afraid and tells the dragon that he is really pretty ugly, his colors clash. After licking Noah, the dragon tells him that he tastes bad. Who wouldnít after being dragged through the dirt and garbage? The dragon, whose name is Zacharei, summons a rain shower to wash Noah off.

Zacharei assures Noah that he wonít be eaten because Zacharei wants to study the human, especially human mating habits. Noah really thinks they are not compatible since Zacharei is a dragon and Noah...well...isnít. So Zacharei changes his form to that of a human male. Is this the right form?

I love reading Willa Okati, and Dragonís Dare did not disappoint. The interaction and banter between Noah and Zacharei from the start is too funny. The story is just a lot of fun and I would recommend it to fans of dragons everywhere. Oh, and to those people who like hot, hot manlove with their fun.


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