Demon Inn by Davida McLea

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-465-0

Reviewed by Cassie



When she’s called to the Murphy’s Corner Inn & Tavern by her distant relative Perry, McKenna Murphy isn’t sure what to expect.  As the local witch and go-to gal for anything paranormal in nature, she’s prepared to investigate the unusual events happening at the inn.  She’s not prepared for the conflicted feelings she has when she meets Aidan Campbell again.

Skeptical about the paranormal and determined to protect the business he’s worked so hard for, Aidan Campbell is not pleased to have McKenna and her team in his inn.  He’s irritated to find his high school crush on her has never entirely gone away, and he doesn’t believe in the supernatural.  He’s even more upset when McKenna claims to have found something sinister.  Can McKenna convince Aidan that there’s something dangerous in his building before it’s too late?

Demon Inn features a topic I find rather interesting—paranormal investigations.  Despite McKenna’s abilities as a witch, she and her team also use cameras and other investigative tools to gather their information.  Reading about their sweep of the inn made me feel like I was behind the scenes in a ghost hunt, which was pretty cool.  As for the characters themselves, they were not as well developed, as I would have liked due to the length of the book and the number of characters.  McKenna seemed a bit wishy-washy, alternately confident and woe-is-me regarding her abilities and the way the townspeople have always treated her.  Aidan was strong, handsome, and driven to succeed in business, which at times made him unduly stubborn.  Other characters, team members and friends of McKenna’s who are called in to rid the inn of the dark presence, are mainly given one main personality trait, not a bad thing in a story of this length.  One particular secondary character seemed to be prime sequel material.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the storyline and conflict in Demon Inn, no matter how much I wanted to.  Too much time was spent dwelling on things that had happened a long time ago but didn’t have much relevance to the current conflict.  There were also parts where I felt distanced from the characters and unable to share in their emotions.  However, as a debut novel, Demon Inn shows promise.  I’ll be waiting to see what Davida McLea comes up with next. 


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