Deception by Jenny Penn

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Mťnage a Trois

ISBN: 1-60601-057-3

Reviewed by Ley



Tessa Miller is a woman who stands her ground, unfortunately itís right smack in the middle of Banning & Dunnís newest development. Tessa was holding out on selling her condo, which was holding up a lucrative business plan for the development company.  The owners of the company thought a hands on approach was needed in dealing with a woman like Tessa so they decided to pay her a personal visit.  Mistaken for someone else ,Ty and Chase took full advantage of the situation when their personal visit became much more personal then they expected.

Deception was not to my liking. The author Jenny Penn wanted readers to view Tessa as an average every day woman who catches the eye of not just one, but two sexy rich men.  I liked that idea but I felt it was lost in this story.  Tessa began an affair with two men she presumed to be the prostitutes she hired to help a friend catch a cheating husband, but then she has un-protected sex in her apartment alone with these two men she knows nothing about.  And I know the story is titled Deception for a reason, but the fact that Ty and Chase took advantage of the situation knowing they were not whom she thought they were really bothered me.  There were other aspects of the story I didnít care for either.  Deception is aptly titled and Ms. Penn does write some very hot sex scenes and just because I was not taken with this story Iím sure other readers will find some enjoyment with it.


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