Dead Again by Lisa Andel

Liquid Silver Books

Paranormal Erotic

ISBN: 1-59578-274-5

Reviewed by Indy



Genetics is a powerful thing. No one knew it better than Lisa, a human with the special ability to come back from the dead.  It didnít matter how she died, killed or dismembered she eventually woke back up. Her special talent brought out the craziness in others wanting to test the rumors of her abilities. Deciding it was finally time to add a little energy to her personal life Lisa decides to go out and find a lover. Considering her world is filled with vampires, shifters and more, that could wind up being a dangerous and lethal thing. Good thing she will come back! So a night of pleasure turns into a year filled with partners that ranged from a dragon, panther, demon and best of all a God. Lisa is in store for nights and days filled with more passion than she ever imagined as she takes a chance on love and life and gets more than she ever dreamed possible.

I have to admit to being one of those readers who doesnít require exclusivity for me to enjoy stories where romance and love flourish. Thatís why I was able to appreciate and enjoy Dead Again. Lisa, the heroine who canít seem to stay dead, goes from drought status to overload. One new lover after another coming into her life; each new lover has his own special qualities and with it a special connection. The one constant in her life, who has been there forever, is Ashur, the man who came to her when she was alone in the world, who is always there when she needs him. Lisaís relationships with Rafe, a panther; Trend, a demon; and Tyr, a dragon, are filled with lust and overwhelming passion.  While Lisa enjoys her vigorous new personal life there are others who seem dead bent on testing her restorative ability. And soon dying and coming back seems to take on a new meaning. 


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