Dark Solstice by Kaitlyn O'Connor

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-914-5

Reviewed by Lisa



Phobos Prison is the worst hellhole prison in the entire system.  Only the worst of the worst are sent there for multiple murders, serial murderers, serial rapists and Dr. Rhea Landon.  A geologist by profession, Rhea has had the misfortune of discovering something on the surface of Mars that nobody wants uncovered.

Two inmates, John Raathe and Kyle Justice cross paths with Rhea.  First, John wins her in a battle to the death and when Kyle spots her with Raathe he somehow knows that Rhea is meant for him as well.

Raathe, Justice and two others have a plan to break out of Phobos but having Rhea there complicates things.  Can the men leave her behind knowing it will mean certain death for her?  Also, if they do succeed and escape where will they go to hide?  Success and faith aren't something these guys have going for them.

Dark Solstice is a stark drama with deep emotional undercurrents.  The main characters are stripped emotionally bare at different points alongside the brutality of a harsh environment.  I was drawn in by the characters and fascinated with the overall story but there are a few potholes that interrupt the flow.  Questions as to how Rhea was caught and detained are vague, plus the declarations of love seemed improbable considering the ongoing circumstances although everything is resolved by the end.  Dark Solstice fits the bill if you are looking for something fearless to read with a heroine who never gives up.


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