Dark Prince of Anfall by Ciar Cullen

Princes of Anfall, Book 2



ISBN: 1-59998-200-5

Reviewed by Amelia



Texas Ranger Tara, a magical shape-shifter, is running from her abusive ex-husband when she runs across Tim Emory in Mexico. Tim rescues her, and then introduces her to a man that has haunted her dreams all her life. She was in Anfall as a child, and remembered the gorgeous man in front of her as a royal pain.

Prince Sennsárin of Anfall, also a shape-shifter, has also dreamt of Tara. She’s the one woman who will satisfy him. Yet he has a reputation as being a ladies man and that is hard for Tara to get over. He takes her to Anfall, where she struggles to come to terms with the truth of her parentage.

While there, the Princes of Anfall battle an ancient enemy they thought long gone. Will they defeat it this time, and will Senn and Tara overcome their differences and learn to love each other?

Ms. Cullen returns to the magical world of Anfall with her book, Dark Prince of Anfall. But unlike the first book, this one failed to enchant me. Ms. Cullen tells a good story, but I didn’t feel a connection with the characters this time. The book is very busy, and I felt like some scenes, especially the shifter-scene, were rushed, which disappointed me. Some of the transitions between scenes felt jerky, also.

I had trouble accepting the character of Tara. As a Texas Ranger, I would expect her to be stronger than the character was portrayed. A host of people from the first book reappear, and it was interesting to see how Kas and Lauren have changed. Still, the book never took hold of my heart, which was a disappointment.


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