Cut Bait by B. A. Tortuga

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-215-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Rick and Billy share their lives and love wholeheartedly with each other as well as deeply enjoying the physical side of living together.  The box of sex toys given to Rick by Charlene is tucked under the bed gathering dust as the guys have shied away from trying anything.  One night though while Billy is out at his friendly poker game, Rick is bored and checks out the stuff.  Inhibitions aside, Rick is soon trying out a toy when Billy walks in.  Maybe toys aren’t just for rug rats these days; big boys can enjoy them too!

Cut Bait by multi-talented author B. A. Tortuga is very erotic yet at the same time it’s loving and lighthearted fun.  It is obvious that Rick and Billy are a wonderful couple together and kind of embarrassed about trying out or using any “toys”.  Cut Bait is sizzling hot and enjoyable entertainment in a fast paced amusing tale.


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