Cowboy Games by Wendi Darlin

Siren Publishing

Western Contemporary

ISBN: 1-60601-031-X

Reviewed by Ley



Rebecca’s life was turned upside down when her husband unexpectedly passes away.  A year after his death Rebecca is not ready to move on even though she knows it’s time to start living again.  To ease her transition back into the dating scene Rebecca feels it would be easier with a controlled situation with rules.  Fantasy Ranch is just the place.  Todd, Rebecca’s late husband, promised her a cowboy fantasy right before he died, this fantasy won’t include Todd, but may give Rebecca a way to finally say goodbye.  Meeting Gavin Carter, half owner of the Fantasy Ranch is more than Rebecca bargained for, she and Gavin find it a struggle to control their attraction to each and obey the rules of the ranch.

Cowboy Games is an emotionally touching, and very hot story. I felt our hero and heroine were very well matched and the chemistry between them is great.  Rebecca and Gavin are surprised by the strong emotions they have for each other and their attempts to suppress them only increase the tension.   Wendi Darlin does a fantastic job with this story and created characters I liked and wanted very much for them to have a happy ending, especially Gavin.  Cowboy Games is a terrific romance and a very fun read.


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