Color of Magic/Color of Money by Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow

Torquere Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-381-9

Reviewed by Lisa



In one reality there are sorcerers, elves and a host of other magical creatures.  Jared Byrne is a young sorcerer soon to receive his degree.  The only thing missing is the emerald he needs to complete his wand.  Conlan is his lover, half human and half elf.

Another reality thrives with a human population where there is no magic and everyone relies on technology.  Jarrett Burns and his human ‘pet’ live here as well as Taylor Hart.  Both men intend to become very rich, the sooner the better.

Taylor has found a way to establish a lucrative business venture with an elf.  Meanwhile, Jared is searching for the emerald he needs and reaching out to another world may be the only option he has.  As they all know however, crossing such a barrier could be dangerous, deadly or both.  What is success worth or for that matter someone’s entire future?

Color of Magic/Color of Money is definitely a unique story filled with intriguing characters and a fascinating plotline.  I thoroughly enjoyed the dual realities although it is important to pay attention to each separate group.  Readers are treated to some very hot, sticky sex, some tender lovemaking and even some mild BDSM.  Color of Magic/Color of Money has humans, others and great sex – what more could you ask for?


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