Collared Hearts by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

Phaze Publishing


ISBN: 1-59426-923-8

Reviewed by Ley



Anthony and Josh share a professional and personal relationship, both on Josh’s terms.  As much as Anthony wants Josh in his personal life he’s tired of his macho ‘always on top’ attitude and he wants Josh to see him as an equal in the bedroom and outside of it.  Much to Anthony’s surprise it’s a present he receives from Josh that may be the answer to their problem.

Collared Hearts is kinky, hot fun.  Josh and Anthony get into role-playing that strengthens their uncertain relationship.  Josh is able to let his guard down and allow Anthony to touch him in ways he long denied.  I liked Collared Hearts, underneath the erotic sex there is a sweet loving story of two men who finally show each other their true feelings.


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