Chocolate Destiny by Alexa & Patrick Silver

Elloraís Cave Publishing


ISBN: 9781419916533

Reviewed by Indy



Known for his ability to control his baser instincts while in the company of alien life forms, Jerenian Captain Carick Dyer is assigned to capture a female president from earth. When his Intel turns out to be flawed and instead of grabbing the middle aged president, he winds up with her much younger and thoroughly appealing daughter he knows this wonít bode well with his admiral. That is until he realizes that Rowan Newton is his mate, a perfect match that would provide hope to others of his kind and prevent the destruction of those on earth.

The beauty of Futuristic stories is you can create any kind of world you want. Three armed heroes who taste like chocolate and can provide some of the best sex a pleasantly plump but average human will ever need. Chocolate Destiny is an interesting story with a few quirks. As takeovers go, I must admit Rowan was a lightweight once the pheromones took control and Carick demonstrated the future she had in store as his mate and lover. Alexa and Patrick Silver definitely have an out of the ordinary way of delivering their romance and Iím definitely interested in seeing what this duo can come up with next.


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