Cherished Invader by Samantha Gail

Forestal Series, Book 1

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-048-6

Reviewed by Lisa



The Forestals of Janusia are a well-organized, military trained group of people sent throughout the galaxy to stop or avert disaster on various planets.  Occasionally they may even have the task of altering history.

Sent to the planet Aransis to avert an escalating war between the Terakians and the Andoviars, Commander Leah Barrentin and her partner Dalahr start making plans to end the conflict permanently.

The first order of business is to free the kidnapped son of the man who is the best hope for this beleaguered planet.  Leah frees the boy along with two other prisoners.  The two men, Alpha-class Zojar warriors Garth Treece and Brean Mitchell are so much more than meets the eye as well.

Perhaps fate itself has brought these four together.  Dalahr has found comfort with Brean but Leah has yet to open up to Garth completely.  No matter what he attempts Garth just can't get past a secret horror Leah has never overcome.  Will these women leave the Zojar warriors behind when the mission is complete or will Leah and Dalahr ask Garth and Brean to join them in the stars?

Cherished Invader is one part science fiction fantasy and one part pure romance.  Excitement, intrigue and a slow burning intense romance add up to Cherished Invader.  I enjoyed the concept of seeing two strong willed women in charge of a major government operation and two hot alpha men trying to figure things out.  Author Samantha Gail skillfully keeps all four alpha balls in the air until the satisfying ending.  I'm looking forward to what happens next in this entertaining series.


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