Chandler by Fawn Lowery

The Witch and the Vampire, Book 4

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-071-4

Reviewed by Lisa



Long ago four vampires were cursed by an evil witch but magic saved them and now suddenly the youngest, Chandler is thrust hundreds of years into the present.  Once Chandler gets his bearings, he vows to find his siblings but in the meantime, Chandler has to figure out how to survive in this modern age, after all, it won’t do to be discovered sucking blood from a human – in any time period.

A six month sting operation at a strip club has yet to yield any arrests but Det. Jana Harris and her partner Mike know that very soon they will catch owner John Collins with stolen art work.  It won’t be soon enough for Jada, she is sick and tired of twirling around a pole nearly naked in front of a bunch of drooling men.

When Chandler slips into the club he is immediately entranced by the woman up on the stage and plans to have her body and blood before morning light.  A case of mistaken identity gives Chandler the opportunity of seeing Jada again, and then fate steps in and takes a hand when Chandler learns that his master is also in town and Johannes is pure evil.  Somehow Chandler must help Jada close her case without revealing his true nature, while protecting her from Johannes and certain death.

In The Witch and the Vampire series, Chandler searches for a way to accept what he is and the possibility of love at first sight in a modern age.  His lack of ‘manners’ towards women is understandable given the era he came from but Jada’s continual acceptance of his boorish ways is improbable.  The storyline of vampires, lady cops and thieves is a great idea but there are way too many coincidences such as Chandler’s look alike that let down what could have been a more realistic tale.  Chandler has lots of hot sex and a good story idea but everything comes together just a bit too easily and stretches credibility too much.


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