Carry On by Treva Harte

Loose Id

Polyamorous Paranormal


Reviewed by Willow



People are dying and Ned Deklin thinks he might be the one doing it. He just doesnít remember killing anyone. Heís a were and doesnít remember things when he changes. One of the men killed was Nedís lover. Ned loved Sam and still does. He couldnít have killed him...could he?

Frank Endmon doesnít have anything to lose. Heís already dead. He knows because he doesnít feel anymore. Heís finished with love and need.  Frank has been hired to find out who is doing the killing. When Frank gets Ned alone in his hotel room, Ned blurts out a confession. But Frank invited Ned to his hotel for sex, not because he believes Ned killed anyone. And on the plus side, Frank doesnít seem too surprised when Ned changes.             

Maebelleís speakeasy is the place to be.  But someone is threatening her life and her brother Sam was one of the people killed. When she hires Frank, she has hopes of getting him into her bed. Who knew she would end up with so much more.

Ned has never been with a woman before but he thinks Maebelle is the most beautiful woman heís ever known. But being with Mae and Frank is making it very hard for Ned to keep his beast from making an appearance. Thank goodness Frank takes control and slows them down. Itís the best time the three have ever had and now Mae wants them both to stay. Can she make them want it too?

On the night of the Topperís Ball, Ned figures out who is threatening Maeís life but is he in time to save her?

I loved the whole film noir feel of Carry On. The dark atmosphere and suspense makes it like watching Casablanca on a rainy afternoon....only with Rick, Ilsa and Victor in a MUCH hotter relationship. The plot twist was very nice and I really enjoyed it. There was always just a glimpse of whatís around the corner without giving anything away. The relationship between Frank and Ned and then Frank, Ned and Mae explodes from the pages. Each has something to deal with in order for them to work...but they think itís worth it. And in the end, itís all about family...even if it is unconventional.


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