Bridge Through the Mist by Denise A. Agnew

Ellora’s Cave

Time Travel

ISBN: 9781419913167

Reviewed by Willow



Alenna Carstairs’ is hiding from her life, parts of it anyway. She caught her fiancé the day before their wedding in bed with another woman. And he promptly tells her he doesn’t love her anymore. They work in the same law firm and she really thought she could handle being there everyday….until she let her emotions get the better of her and she loses her job. Other than that everything is just fine.

In order to get away from it all, she becomes part of a professional/amateur archeological dig at MacKendrick Castle in Scotland. As she explores she feels as if she has had personal experience in the dungeons and gets away as quickly as she can. Alone she returns to the dig site and does what every archeologist hopes to do-she finds an artifact, a ring that takes her back in time to 1318 and right into the path of a giant warhorse.

Tynan of MacBrahin has stored his feelings and his heart behind a hard outer shell and is happy with his life…until a woman literally falls into the path of his warhorse. She isn’t like any woman he’s ever known in his life. And he has never reacted to another woman the way he reacts to her. Tynan’s heart isn’t safe from Alenna as much as he tries to fight it. And fight it he does, he doesn’t want her cursed as the other women he has taken to his bed have been…they ended up dead and he believes it to be his fault.

As Alenna tries to break through Tynan’s barriers, Tynan is working to find proof that Baron MacKendrick is a murderer. All of his mistresses end up dead and now he has his eye on Alenna. Tynan is determined that Alenna will not be the next to die. He has to find the truth and tell Alenna how he feels before it’s too late.

Holy moly…if Alenna and Tynan had fought their feelings for one another much longer I do believe they would have evaporated into the mist. These characters are outstanding as are the others in the world of MacKendrick Castle. Bridge Through the Mist takes us way back to a world with no electricity, no air conditioning, no indoor plumbing! The best way to visit Scotland in 1318 is right here in these pages. Ms. Agnew has written a beautiful romance and I think it is time well spent.


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