Bridge Over Troubled Water by Vivien Dean

Amber Allure

Gay / Dark Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60272-308-5

Reviewed by Cassie



Ten years after his lover, Cole, was turned into a vampire, Detective Brady Lindstrom is shocked to find the man on his doorstep, bleeding and in need of a place to hide and heal.  At first Brady is suspicious that Cole had something to do with the horrible murders he's investigating, but finally he lets his ex come in.  Heís determined not to care about the monster his former lover has become.

Cole Singer knows going to his exís apartment to heal is a bad idea, but he canít help himself.  Even when Brady is cold to him, Cole can't seem to leave.  Knowing Brady is determined to bring down the murderous vamps Cole's hiding from, Cole tries to protect him.  Will working together to stop the bad vampires bring them closer together, or be the death of them both?

Bridge Over Troubled Water is an enjoyable paranormal tale.  Brady is an obsessive, hard man, made that way by the loss of Cole.  All he has left is duty.  When Cole returns, Brady remembers how Cole was when he was first turned and is afraid to trust him.  Despite being a vampire and being distrusted by his ex-lover, Cole still loves Brady.  I liked his protectiveness.  Brady's reluctance to trust was understandable.  Their quest to stop the evil vampires is interesting, and the conflict between what Brady wants and what he believes to be the truth is compelling.  As a second-chance story with a paranormal twist, Bridge Over Troubled Water is quite entertaining.  I especially liked the ending.  Vivien Dean did a good job of making it satisfying without being too sappy.


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