Bottoms Up by Lorne Rodman

Torquere Press


ISBN: 978-1-60370-397-0, 1-60370-397-7

Reviewed by Ley


Getting an excellent grade on a paper he pretty much bluffed his way through put college student Trace Kent in a celebrating mood.  His reasons to celebrate increased when he literally ran into the campus gardener David Colt.  Taking an instant liking to each other Trace and Colt met up later for a drink.  Their drink together led to a very hot and steamy night that had Trace experiencing things he never thought could be a turn on for him.  The things he experienced with Colt frightened him just as much as they excited him.  His uneasiness about their encounter caused him to avoid future contact with Colt, but Colt has already staked his claim to Trace and he wasn’t going to let his new lover slip away from him.

Bottoms Up is a hot erotic story and although I liked Trace, I found Colt to be a bit too much for him.  Colt came off as a bit sleazy, overbearing and more like a stalker than a compatible lover for Trace.  As a sexual story Bottoms Up fits the bill with it’s intense sex scenes, but as a romance I wouldn’t recommend it.


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