Boomer's Fall by Robin Leigh Miller

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419916458

Reviewed by Indy



The nightmares plaguing Boomer are progressively getting worse: little hands, smoke, fire and death. Is this a premonition, a new assignment coming to him and fellow comrades? When Boomer and the rest of his team are sent to prevent a mad man from blowing up a school for the deaf filled with children, his dreams all of a sudden become clear. All of his skills with demolition, every advantage they have from the special skills of "Black Smoke" and the rest of the team are needed if they plan to get all of the children out alive. No one expects a little red head girl to be one of their best allies inside, a little girl whose mother is just as passionate as her daughter, and one with too many secrets. A chance to get to know the cute little pair is something Boomer can't let go even if the hospitality comes with a hidden agenda. An agenda that puts him, his little savior and the mother he wants in deadly harm.

I will admit right off the top I'm a huge fan of this author's work. Boomer's Fall was a highly anticipated story I've been waiting on since reading the sequel Black Smoke. A book I have to say was Top Choice. I wasn't sure what to expect from Boomer's Fall, because as a whole I fell in love with Boomer and the entire team but especially "Black Smoke". She's the glue that holds the entire team together and in this story she's the reason, along with the full inclusion of the rest of the team, I was able to enjoy it. I love Boomer! He's an appealing male hero, and the little girl Raya was a pure doll. I just couldn't connect with Hannah, Boomer's love interest. From first glance she was more of residual figure for me than a really appealing heroine. I found myself falling in love with the surrounding plot and action more than the connection between the main couple. I was concerned as I sat down to write this review because I am such a huge fan of this series. Robin Leigh Miller really created another fascinating plot and as always there were tons of tension laced moments and action that leaves you sweating. My final thoughts are this is a kick butt story, great plot, tons of excitement and the paranormal twists aren't too over the top but if you're looking for a great romance this might not be it.


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