Blood Rose by Sharon Page


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0-7582-1544-4

Reviewed by Willow



Serena Lark has no idea who her parents are. What she does know is not much at all and she wants desperately to know who they were. She needs to know. The Royal Society is the ideal place to find the information she wants. Unfortunately, the Head of the Society wants to keep that information from her. Serena is approaching her 25th birthday and the culmination of her fears. Is she a vampire? Will she change? Why won’t anyone tell her?

Her only hope of finding what she is looking for is to enlist the help of the Society’s top vampire hunters—Lord Sommersby and Drake Swift, the two men who are the focus of her very erotic and nightly dreams. Awake she wonders about them and fights the desires her dreams cultivate.

Sommersby and Swift agree to help her. Their motives are the same—they both want Serena. Lord Sommersby has an additional reason for helping her. He wants to find out why Serena is so important to the Society. When Sommersby discovers exactly why, he only has days to save her. And the only one who has any hope of helping him succeed is his rival, Drake Swift. He has no choice but to ask for Swift’s help.

The three of them search for answers as feelings grow. Serena is confused by her feelings for both men. They are fascinating and superb contrasts. How can she choose? Does she really have to choose? The power of three is what they need to defeat their enemies. Their triad will be stronger if they can all accept it.

But will they be in time to save themselves?

Ms. Page is a master of paranormal erotic romance and Blood Rose is a prime example. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter to see what happened next. The heroine and heroes are fascinating and the sex is hot enough to scorch your hand while you’re reading. I will definitely be reading more of Ms Page.


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