Beyond the Veil by Stevie Woods


Gay Historical

ISBN: 978-1-59426-829-8

Reviewed by Cassie



When the ship he's sailing to Africa on is overtaken by pirates, David Jordan is taken captive along with the rest of the passengers and crew.  To his horror, he's selected for a special sale of sex slaves and separated from his friends.  Then rescue comes in a most unexpected way.

Fifteen years ago, Robert Charteris lost the man he loved to pirates.  He's spent the time since looking for his lost love, as well as trying to save others from slavery however he can.  When he sees David, he feels a strange connection to the man.  Despite the expense and difficulty involved, he saves David.  Will he be able to let go of the ghosts of his past?

Despite the rather dark subject matter (slavery), I really enjoyed Beyond the Veil.  David's terror as he realizes what will happen to him is both believable and wrenching.  I also felt for Robert, whose guilt over the past drives him to save as many as he can.  Both men are strong, intelligent, stubborn, and preyed upon by guilt.  I really liked reading the slow evolution of their relationship.  Due to the nature of Robert's life, there's a lot of conflict and some action as Robert works to help David locate and free his friends from the ship.  A secondary storyline involving two of David's fellow passengers who are forced to remain on the ship was less engaging in my opinion, but it explained a lot and provided some additional interest.   While the dark subject matter and elements of violence are not for everyone, if you like historicals and stories of people finding redemption and love, you're sure to enjoy Beyond the Veil as I did.


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