Bewitched by M. J. Spickett

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Reviewed by Shayna



At a costumed masquerade, the promise of wicked pleasure hangs in the air for Selena.  Just before leaving for the party, she accepts a sensual challenge from her husband, Eli.  Each will go to the party early, and whoever finds the other first gets a deliciously naughty prize.  The simple dare becomes more complicated than Selena could have imagined as a ghost has some plans of his own for Selena.

I find myself at a bit of a loss when talking about Bewitched.  As a first time M. J. Spickett reader, I was unaware that this story is connected to other books of Ms. Spickett’s.  For those, like myself, who are new to Eli and Selena’s stories, Bewitched is somewhat confusing.  I spent more time “getting situated” so to speak, than connecting to the characters.  Reading the story again, I still found that having not read the previous books, I was not invested in this story.  However, I believe that fans of Ms. Spickett’s books will likely find Bewitched to be a sexy, entertaining interlude.


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