Best Made Plans by Nia K. Foxx

Loose Id

Multicultural Erotic

ISBN: 978-1-59632-747-4

Reviewed by Indy



Single seems to be the best word to describe sisterís like herself. Degreed, dynamic career and with a clock ticking so loudly Samantha Tyra Somerson could barely hear anything else. A girls night out turns into a life changing encounter after meeting saxophone player Ian McClintock, an assistant DA who seemed intent on having her like no other man before him. Romantic, sexy and hot in the sack Samantha couldnít have asked for a better lover. Not even she cares anymore that heís white.

So when she makes a mistake that seems as if it will cost her everything, Samantha has to figure out how to pick up the pieces and move forward in her life as a single woman missing the man she loves.

In a sultry contemporary tale of two professionals who have the world at their fingertips, Best Made Plans, is a prime example of no matter how well you think things through there is still situations that can come in and derail the best relationship. The story begins with a cute BUPPY feel, two single black women, both at the top of their game spending an evening out. In steps the man of the hour Ian and before long the story is focused on their romantic courtship which left me wanting an Ian of my own to worship and cherish. Then like a lot of contemporary dramas, real life sets in and personal insecurities are allowed to derail the positive connection Sam and Ian had created. Which is exactly when disappointment set in. Yes the story was well written and interesting. I LOVED the courting phase of Ian and Samís relationship.

I really canít take one more ďintelligentĒ woman, who needs someone screaming I love you with a bull horn before she understands that sheís truly cherished. How can you run the world yet arenít mature enough to communicate your desires and needs, especially when a man is showing with ever touch, glance and deed how much he really cares for you.

Nia K. Foxx created a good love story; I just wished her heroine was a little less insecure and that the relationship drama didnít have to veer toward the extreme. With that said Iím sure others will disagree and I honestly believe this story will do well with readers who enjoy the excitement of a romance that has a few bumps in it before getting to the big payoff.


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