Barely There by Dakota Trace

eXcessica Publishing

Erotic BBW Romance

Reviewed by Elysia



Empress Chikowski runs a clothing shop for plus sized women that specializes in business and evening wear. But when Nicolai Rambaudi walks into her shop with a new design for a risqué line, she finds herself strangely reticent, and extremely turned on.

Nicolai doesn’t have a type, and even if he did, it wouldn’t matter now. One look at Em, and all he wants is her - in his dress and in his life.

I found the conversation between the hero and heroine fairly awkward at first, and not only because it was a business meeting, but almost as though Ms. Trace wasn’t comfortable with dialogue or perhaps the scene itself. Insufficient editing or proofreading pulled me out of the story more than once, and I found I was unable to give it the in-depth read I would have like to. Overall, I think better editing would have helped Ms. Trace make Barely There a much better story.


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