A Reason to Sin by Maureen McKade

Forrester Brothers Series, Book 3

Berkley Sensations

Historical Western

ISBN: 0-425-22059-1

ISBN: 978-0-425-22059-7

Reviewed by Ley



Rebeccaís privileged and sheltered life took a turn for the worst starting with the death of her parents and then her poor choice of husbands.  Rebeccaís gambler husband gambled away all of her money then took off leaving her penniless and pregnant.  Months later Rebecca was forced to place her infant son in an orphanage as she set out to find her husband and get back what she lost.  In her search for her husband, Rebecca finds the Scarlett Garter Saloon, Slater Forrester and a whole new world she never thought she would be a part of.

A Reason to Sin is simply fantastic.  My one regret is that I started the series with the last installment to the Forrester brotherís saga, but itís a regret I plan to rectify.  Even though Iíve read the books out of order it didnít hurt the story one bit, A Reason to Sin reads very well as a stand-a-lone.  I have to say I didnít like Rebecca much when the book started.  Even though I felt for her plight, her arrogance, even if she didnít realize she was being arrogant, toward others in the saloon was a turn off.  As she let her defenses down and accepted the people around her on a more equal standing I began to like her much better.  Slater I liked from the start.  Itís easy to see past the distant demeanor to the man who is consumed with ghosts and regrets.  Rebecca was good for him.  Even though they both fought it tooth and nail and with good reason, I was thrilled when they finally gave into their feelings.  A Reason to Sin is terrific historical western and I canít wait to read the previous installments to this series.


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