A Pirate’s Legacy by Amelia June

eXtasy Books

Paranormal, Romance, Time Travel, Ghosts

ISBN: 978-1-55487-084-4

Reviewed by Shayna



Sinclaire Daves has been alone for most of her adult life.  Having recently gone through a terrible breakup that’s made her gun-shy with men, the archeology professor spends most of her time with her maps and research trying to prove the existence of a female pirate no one has ever heard of.  A pirate that died over two hundred years ago, but whose life Sinclaire has always had vivid dreams of, and now can communicate with.

Rebekah Bonny, the daughter of infamous pirates Calico Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny, has had enough of life on the sea, masquerading as Thinking John Little, the pirate captain.  All she wants is to live in peace with the man she loves, far away from the life she’s always known.  But for Rebekah, danger lurks around every corner as she tries to fulfill her dream.  To make matters worse, there’s a “demon” in her head she cannot get rid of.

Soon, two women of different times and places, each unlike the other, find that they can communicate with one another.  As Sinclaire comes closer to proving Rebekah’s existence, her life becomes fraught with peril.  Can the pirate and the professor help one another?  Will Rebekah find the peace she deserves?  Will Sinclaire find the answers she seeks and the love she craves?

As someone who has always loved reading about pirates, particularly about Anne Bonny and Mary Read, I was extremely excited to read A Pirate’s Legacy.  Amelia June’s blending of fictional past and present made for a fascinating and fun adventure tale.  For those who love pirate lore, Ms. June sprinkles some facts in with her story, which I enjoyed greatly.  Both Sinclaire and Rebekah were likeable characters, though at times Sinclaire’s gullibility and Rebekah’s (understandably) harsh attitude made them slightly difficult for me to relate to.

The one element that was, for me, slightly lacking was the romance aspect of the tale.  As Sinclaire and Rebekah were the center of the story, I wasn’t able to connect with the men in their lives.  This made the romances in both storylines come across as somewhat stilted.  Still, I found A Pirate’s Legacy highly entertaining.  The two storylines flowed together well and, as someone looking to read a good pirate adventure tale, I was satisfied.


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