An Unholy Embrace by CJ England

Aspen Mountain Press


ISBN: 978-1-60168-061-7

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Teran is the unfortunate daughter of an unloving prostitute.  As Teran grows into a young beauty, the interest of the men in town becomes dangerously apparent when they chase her into the woods and almost rape Teran.  Fortunately, Sebastian, an ancient vampire living in the deep woods, rescues Teran from the men and brings her into his home to recover from the attack.  And for the first time, Teran feels security, trust, and love.  Teran offers her blood to Sebastian with the caveat that Sebastian must not ever enthrall her or overtake her mind.

Sebastian makes the promise, and discovers Teran is his soul mate.  The passion from Sebastianís bite quickly explodes, and Teran's initiation into lovemaking is tender, hot, exciting, and pain free.  Sebastian admits to invading Teran's mind to remove the pain of their first joining, which causes a rift between the new lovers.

Can it be real?  Can it last?  Can the strong beauty stand against the will of an ancient vampire?  Can the vampire learn to allow Teran to retain her own free will in their relationship?  I enjoyed An Unholy Embrace with domineering Sebastian learning to give-and-take, and Teran pushing the limits, as well as the soul bond formed between the two.


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