Alpha, Omega by Cassandra Gold and Beth Wylde

Torquere Press

Shapeshifter M/M

Reviewed by Sabella



Adam has been working hard, if not successfully, preparing a special dinner for himself and Shaun to celebrate their one-year anniversary.  However, disaster seems to plague Adam in the kitchen, with anything not having to do with meat.  But the capper to this exasperating day in the kitchen is when Shaun walks in completely clueless as to what and why Adam feels they should celebrate.  But Adam gets his revenge on Shaun in an unexpected way that they will both enjoy.

Alpha, Omega is a cute tale about misunderstandings within couples and all the interesting ways they find to make up.  Adam is the Omega of the pack and mated to Shaun, who is the Alpha.  But Adam manages to turn the tables on Shaun for once leaving them both screaming out their pleasure.  It must be noted that Adam is so emotional and prone to tantrums that he could almost pass for a girl in the story.  Still, Alpha, Omega is a nice read for a day when a dose of sexy is what you are looking for.


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