All Worked Up by Eve Vaughn

Oh Yum!

Ellora's Cave

Contemporary, I/R

ISBN: 9781419916052

Reviewed by Amelia



Newly divorced, Gloria Sanders wants to do something about her excess weight. So she goes to a gym, with specific instructions that she have a female trainer. But when the trainer assigned to her is unable to make it, gym co-owner Landon Barnes can't believe his luck. The student teacher he had a crush on all those years ago is in his gym, looking for a trainer, and he plans on being that trainer.

There is an instant attraction between Gloria and Landon, despite the six-year age difference. Gloria is hesitant, because of her size and age; but Landon sets out to woo the woman he wants, and he won’t take no for an answer.

All Worked Up is a romantic tale of that proves love knows no size, age or color difference. I loved Landon, who was determined to prove to Gloria that he loved her. Gloria is a very realistic character that I think any woman over the age of thirty-five will identify with. I loved the way they blended together.

There was one little spot that threw me though. Given the romantic flow of the storyline, the hero used a word during a love scene that pulled me out of the story. It took a few minutes for me to recover, but I did. And, even though that bothered me, I couldn’t stop thinking about the love the two shared, and how Landon didn't force himself, or the situation. That redeemed him in my eyes.

All Worked Up is a story for the romantic soul in a romance reader.


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