A Gentleman's Bargain by Hunter Raines

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-339-9

Reviewed by Ley



Seth Thompsonís career is important to him.  He wonít jeopardize it for any one, not even for too sexy for words David Leone.  Keeping his distance from David prove to be difficult when a mix up with his hotel reservation has him spending the weekend at Davidís private home during an away business meeting.  Being so close to David has Seth literally bargaining with the devil.

David has fantasized about Seth for over a year, when faced with an opportunity to spend a weekend uninterrupted with him David was not going to let it slip away.  With the promise that what happens over the weekend will remain between them and never happen or be spoken of again, David and Seth explore the feelings that have been building between.  When Monday morning comes can these two men pretend like nothing happened?

A Gentlemanís Bargain has a fantastic premise. I liked the characters and the story was pretty good, but it felt way too compressed.  It was too rushed, a more drawn out story would've better served the characters.  Seth and Davidís story could have been a wonderful one if the author took more time with them and delved more into their weekend together as well as expand on the ending.  I felt the ending that was given was more of an epilogue and not a satisfactory conclusion for Seth and David especially after the scene prior to the conclusion.  I donít want to sound condescending but I do feel Hunter Raines has great potential and I would not be opposed to reading other works from the author.  Sadly, A Gentlemanís Bargain was not the story I had hoped it would be.


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