Again by Adrienne Kama

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419913440

Reviewed by Indy



Hoping to turn back an event that has haunted her, Peyton decides to go with the flow when an eccentric man tells her she has a chance to go back in time and change the past. A past tainted by Chris “Snake Reardon” Grant, the man who showed her passion once thought unobtainable only to walk out of her life without a second glance. Peyton didn’t count on the sight of Chris sending her right back to the place where she’s unable to think a clear thought in his presence.

Chris needs one last chance to make Peyton see he’s the one she belongs with, not the fiancé she plans on marrying. No other man can make her feel the things he does or love her as much. Now with the help of a couple of friends and a weekend in a snowy paradise Chris will do everything possible to show Peyton he’s the only man she’ll ever need.

Starting off with an interesting paranormal twist, Again turns into a cute and funny tale where love refuses to be stopped. Peyton was totally adorable and had the quirky author syndrome going for her. Chris, mega action hero had to be the most down to earth actor ever as he showed Peyton there was more to him than a pretty face and hot body. Adrienne Kama did a great job of infusing Again with plenty of humor laced with sexy encounters. A winning combination if you’re in the mood for love, laughter and a happily ever after ending.


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