A Day at the Beach by Addison Albright, Ava Matthews and Zoe Nichols

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary Anthology

ISBN 978-1-60370-426-7

Reviewed by Nannette



“Nevermore” by Addison Albright

When Ted Rhoads comes face to face with Caesar Edwards he’s not sure what to do. Ted and Caesar are occasional lovers, only not in the real world. When clubbing, Ted goes by the name “Raven.”  Without his disguise will Ted choose to come out or will he stay in the closet?

“Nevermore” is a sweet and hot story. Caeser and Ted are tender guys who have very hot sex and in the end have a chance at a very solid future together.  Nevermore” has hot sex, meaningful conversations and life changing decisions. It’s short in words, but big in story.


“Chasing Sand” by Ava Matthews 

Adam’s vacation doesn’t feel like one. While taking a walk to escape his brother’s kids he meets Matt. Adam can’t help but check out Matt’s nice butt as he helps Matt get some stuff in his condo. Matt’s gorgeous and sexy and Adam thinks Matt is checking him out too. Looks like Adam’s vacation just got a lot better!

“Chasing Sand” is a sexy boy-meets-boy story. It has a nice romance and hot sex.  Matt’s constant blushing is adorable and Adam’s eagerness for Matt is very sweet. I’d love to read more about them!


“Surf's Up” by Zoe Nichols

Ex-surfer Shane Wood is thinking about how badly he wants to get back on a board when he tumbles down a cliff at the beach. Lucas Hart saves him. Shane thanks Lucas by taking him to an abandoned life guard hut to show him how grateful he is.

Shane and Lucas get down and dirty in “Surf’s Up.” This kinky short story is very hot and a lot of fun.  Shane is the older guy eager for a little action from Lucas, the younger guy. They really steam up the hut when Shane shows him who’s boss.

A Day at the Beach has sun, fun, blue skies, and a few hot men getting it on! Surprise meetings, new lovers, and secret trysts make it a very hot, sexy, and romantic anthology.  


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