A Break in Time by Michelle Miles

A Ransom and Fortune Adventure, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Time Travel

ISBN 1-59998-473-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Dane Fortune and Skye Ransom have traveled back in time again trying to get back to the present. They hope to prevent the death of Skyeís parents.  As a hit man for the CIA, Dane was sent to kill them. Now, he and Skye are trying to prevent it from happening while being thrown farther and farther back in time. No longer enemies, Skye and Dane grow closer as the danger mounts. Someone has been following them and he wants Skye and Dane out of his way for good.  

I highly recommend reading A Bend in Time, the first Ransom and Fortune book, before A Break in Time. A Break in Time will be confusing otherwise.  A Break in Time takes Skye and Dane on one adventure after another. They adapt well to each situation and the thrills never end. All the while, I was waiting for them to share another hot, steamy kiss! Skye and Dane have great chemistry. Even when they are arguing you can feel their connection. A Break in Time is a little like Back To The Future meets Indiana Jones. Itís full of excitement, action, and danger and itís a lot of fun.  


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