Wounded Hearts by Liz Andrews
Loose Id
Contemporary Romance/Light BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59632-493-0
Reviewed by Tanya



Erin Riley is ecstatic her fiancé is coming home, finally.  He has been in Iraq for two long years and she is excited to finally see him again.  But, he sends her an email days before he is to come home breaking up with her.  She is heartbroken but with some sisterly advice she decides to fight for her man.  While she is convinced it is the extra forty pounds she is carrying she is still going to make the best of it.  She moves into his house and tells him that she doesn’t accept the break up.

Patrick has been exposed to a lot during his military stint.  One thing for sure is that he knows that his dominant personality isn’t all that unusual, and neither are the things he wants to do sexually.  But, he is convinced Erin would never let him do some of the things he wants to and he loves her too much to put her in that position.  Add to this the fact that he is trying to get over a tragic incident that happened in Iraq and he thinks he is doing the right thing.

Erin is not going to give up, no matter how much he tries to hurt her.  Will he finally realize what a treasure he has in her?  Will she be willing to love the entire man?

I loved the concept of the “Dear Jane” letter in Wounded Hearts.  The author wrote a spunky heroine that is not perfect (hence the gained forty pounds), but will do just about anything to keep her man.  I think the author did a great job explaining while Patrick stayed faithful he learned about some of his more dominant leanings, in the bedroom, and how they might come about.  Additionally the sex scenes were definitely hot in Wounded Hearts.


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