Whisper Moon by Missy Sue Hanson
Natural Realm Trilogy, Book 1
Dark Eden Press
Reviewed by Little Sunshine



Drifting from place to place, Siddalee Crest has always known that somewhere out there her destiny awaited her.  Arriving in her hometown of Missouri, Siddalee makes a startling discovery.   Like her Aunt Vallie, Siddalee is a Cana Warrior and will gain her powers when she shares ascendancy with her Shared Soul.   Certain that Baine the man she physically craves is her Shared Soul, Siddalee is about to turn Baine’s world upside down and forever alter their lives by disclosing that he is also a Cana Warrior.

Merging their powers and fullfilling their legacy as Guardians of the Natural Realm, Siddalee and Baine must fight to destroy a Blackguard, a dark and evil beast that threatens to steal Siddalee’s virgin Cana soul.  Although their journey has just begun, can these fledgling warriors maintain the natural order and protect the human race from the horrors that threaten to infect the world?

Whisper Moon is a charismatic story that features two warriors who change into fantastic magical creatures destined to protect mankind.  Siddalee and Baine are very passionate and sensual which makes for a very poised duo that live up to their destinies and are determined to meet their evil opponents head on.  Whisper Moon offers a new flavor in the paranormal romance genre and I look forward to the next book in the series.


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