War of Hearts by Trudy Thompson
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 1-58608-860-2
Reviewed by Tanya



Sirene Javaar is the crowned Princess of her world and she has been in love with Talon Tremain the crowned Prince of a neighboring planet in the same system.  But, the affair they had 8 years ago is nothing by memories to her at this point.  When Talon went to be Commanding Officer at the warrior training academy he broke things off with her.  After a lot of hurt and depression Sirene decided that she was moving on with her life and that she would enter the academy and become a warrior in her own rite.  Now she is and suddenly her father has assigned her to be on the star cruiser Mirage, which is captained by Talon, for a secret mission that is to help their worlds avoid war with the Cryenian Empire.  Will the fact that the mission is to be kept secret from even her drive Sirene nuts or will it be the nearness of Talon?

Talon, is supposed to undertake this mission and at the same time win the heart of the only person her has ever loved, Sirene.  Years ago he had agreed with Sireneís father that while they were bonded at birth, no one told Sirene and she needed to choose her mate herself.  The only problem is that by keeping away Talon might just have driven a wedge between them that canít be fixed.

When things take a turn for the worse and Talon is captured by an evil enemy will Sirene be able to recover and save him?  Will he ever forgive her for not following orders and coming after him?

War of Hearts is just want you want out of a good story it has romance, suspense, sci-fi technology and a happily ever after ending.  I was intrigued by the super strong but feminine heroine and her struggle with the man she loved but, wasnít sure if she could ever be with.  I found War of Hearts fast paced with a lot of action.


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