Waking the Shadows by Elisabeth Drake
Freya’s Bower
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Waking the Shadows

Arielle is a witch who can see auras and wield a number of different types of magic.  She and her partner, the ever sexy Jackson, the vampire, are both agents for the FBI.  They are part of the Paranormal Investigations Unit and are currently on assignment in the swamps of Louisiana going after some demons.  When captured by demons Jackson and Arielle find their attraction for each other heats up.

Waking the Shadows is a hot quick story by Elisabeth Drake.  Ms. Drake again takes us into the world of Arielle and does a wonderful job of describing this world as well as her spunky character.  Add some hot erotic sex scenes and you have another winning story.


Waking the Dreamer

Arielle can’t wake Jackson.  While he isn’t a morning person she knows something is wrong.  Finally she decides she will have to go into his dreams and try to save him.

Waking the Dreamer is a fantastic bonus story with Waking the Shadows.  It takes you further into the magical world that Jackson is from, which is on the peripheral of the Earth that Arielle is from.  The author does a wonderful job of describing the dream plain as well as what Arielle must do to save her man.


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