Virgin's Blood by Tianna Xander
Book 1 in the Chosen Series
eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-701-6
Reviewed by Tanya



Tasha is not having a good day.  She tries to save her friend and roommate, only to arrive after it is too late and in process commits a murder.  So much for turning her life around.  Now she is on the run and the first hot man she meets may not be what he seems.

Along comes Micah who seems so familiar to her.  He's a bit of a Neanderthal in his actions, but he is about the hottest thing she has ever seen.  Add to that is the fact that the bizarre things he keeps telling her are reality seem to be coming true and you have one spicy tale.  Is Tasha really a “Guide” and can she help keep mankind safe?

Fantastic is the first thought that comes to mind when I think of Virgin’s Blood, the second being where do I get the next installment in this series.  Tianna Xander does a wonderful job at setting the stage for her characters in this story.  She has a wonderfully spunky woman who has not had it easy in life and who in fact must overcome an addiction at the beginning of the story.  The world that is created is the world that we live in with the added benefit of having some “special” people thrown in.  If you are one who likes a little sci-fi or paranormal in your “hot/erotic” stories Virgin’s Blood is the story for you.


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