Until the End of Time: The Chariot by Syd McGinley
Torquere Press
Gay Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60370-099-3, 1-60370-099-410
Reviewed by Cassie



Cyran, a Greek soldier, has returned from the war determined to have a small farm and live in peace with his lover, Ximen.  Ximenís family disapproves, however, wishing for the young man to do his service in the army and then get married.  After turning down the offer to marry Ximenís sister, Cyran is then murdered by the woman.  He finds himself in the Underworld, where he makes a deal with Hades.  He and Ximen will get their chance at a happily-ever-after, but with conditions.  They will have at least a slim chance of finding each other in each lifetime, and in many of them they will remember who they both were.  The only problem is that all of their lives will end unhappily until they can truly be together with societyís recognition.  Will Cyran and Ximen ever be together, or are they fated to spend eternity wishing for a love that can never be?

Until the End of Time:  The Chariot is an intriguing story of a love that last through thousands of years and many incarnations.  The story covers several of Cyran and Ximenís lifetimes, most of which end in tragedy.  In each lifetime, the two men get a glimpse of happiness, only to have it snatched away, usually violently.  Their second-to-last life was especially sad, and after they lost their chance at happiness yet again I was really rooting for them to finally be allowed to be together.  Unfortunately, when they meet in modern times I didnít find them as likeable as before.  They didnít seem to have as much chemistry as Bryan and Simon, and the love between them was more told than shown.  I really enjoyed reading the first parts of the book, despite the tragic endings of each lifetime, but the ending wasnít as satisfying as Iíd hoped it would be. 


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